flavor planet thumb

this is pretty cool. Flavors is a tool that lets you make a “biz card” web page in about 5 minutes. it links your other content buckets like Flickr, Twitter and Facebook and other without fuss. by comparison it took a few hours to get the new version of johnpla.net to look like it does using wordpress, a free template, some widgets, other plug ins and a bunch of trail and error. it’s in “beta” right now but you can request a invite. I got mine in a few hours after making a request.

granted. I did spend some time getting the graphics ready for the wordpress version. so when I made the Flavors thing I already had that ready. no making required. still, even if I had to make it we’re talking what? 10 minutes to edit… but even longer to find the right shot that was high res enough to get that just right look at full width.

there are some missing and broken thing (it’s beta remember):
didn’t have general purpose links as top nav
the RSS feed from the planet didn’t work
no YouTube
or email me form
the markup in INFO seemed reinvented.

sigh. the joys of pre 1.o. check it out.
here’s the flavor I made.