I was driving yesterday when I came to a four way stop. I was turning left. There was a brand new black BMW 325 that started to pull forward as if to say “I’m first!” But it was my turn so I started my turn. To the left. In front of the BMW. This guy was so impatient that he started forward as I was right in front of him. The look on his face was “hurry the fuck up, I’m important!” I slowed. Eye contact now. I mouth “fuck you asshole” and he loses it. Because he knows I’m doing this intentionally. To him owner of 80 grand of steel and aluminum. I’m turning even slower. Bracking almost. In seconds I’m barely clear of german engineering when it jogs right racing around me.

I’m impossibly tired of these fucking guys that think they own the road because they drive the equivelent of a house down the road. Seriously. They need to rethink living. Dick heads.