hey there! sup?

just a week ago I had fewer than hundred people watching me on the twitter. today it’s pushing to go over 600. it’s amazing, weird, flattering and scary all at the same time. first off, there is no way I’m going to watch 600+ people back. sorry. not matter how interesting all of you are it would be maddeningly confusing. but I promise to click the random from time to time and drop a @backatchayou oneforty on some topic in your feed. hopefully I can say something funny every time. but you all know that my writers miss sometimes. stupid writers.

I’m trying not think about it too much. but there is a pause before I press Update because I know my characters are going onto your screen or into your pants. some would think that the pants is the scary part…. but… okay, that joke is officially retired.

see you on the twitter.