This is the year of “letting go” of all the things I no longer use. It’s actually been going on for a while now but I never really formally announced the plan. The idea is is to eject anything taking up space, objects that are costing money, items that have value now but won’t in a while and anything else I am not using. Part of this is realizing that “waiting for someday” has a great cost. The thinking goes, “hmmm, don’t need this today, but I might tomorrow.” The thing goes on the shelf and sits in the dark next to all the other things that might have been there for years.

These “things” are like “ideas” that we carry around. Like the “ideas” they end up having no value because it wasn’t used. An “Idea” is worthless unless you act on it. In a day where anything can be found on eBay, Craigslist, the store or from your group of friends

I was sorting out a closet that I call “Virtual Fry’s” trying to make room for some new arrivals (yea I know… wait for it). And it dawned on me: don’t need this, this is toast, we don’t even have this computer any more no need to keep it’s box. Next I started touching things which is a mistake. If I touched something, the rule went, I had to deal with it. Dealing with it didn’t mean just moving it to a new place. Which was allowed if the the object still had a use. It had to go into a specific place if it was still useful. There was the eBay box, the computer recycle shelf and out the door. Meaning it was going to either the recycle or the black hole.

I worked for almost four hours. It was sad how little change there was at the end of it. But I did have more room making this and that more organized. There’s still much to do.

Just in case you feel the need to duplicate my efforts here’s a list.

1) Sell or give away computers that still have life in them.
2) Let domain names that have been parked for 2 years expire.
3) If it was being saved for an “art project” that hasn’t happened by now, it won’t.
4) Tools are always useful. But they need sorting once in a while.
5) An object that fixes another object might be more expensive to keep then just replacing the borked thing in the first place.
6) It’s called old and obsolete for a reason.
7) Every book can be replaced.
8) Rip a CD to disc and off it.
9) Scan old things so you can use them. A box of paper can’t be used.
10) Giving it away makes it go away. Selling it boomerangs it back.
11) Saving boxes is a toss up. Had I not saved the box for the Apple 21″ I wouldn’t have been able to sell it. All I can offer is, “manage boxes wisely.”
12) Just how long do you keep backups of old projects?
13) It turns out, stored hard drives are going to fail soon after you spin them up after sitting for years.
14) If you haven’t used it in a year, make it go away. There are three exceptions 1) it’s the only way to read some media you are storing 2) it is something bizarre and expensive 3) its a cable.