retiring the Canon S95 won’t be easy because it has been a productive camera. it is time to move on as it has issues that I no longer want to think about. the focus was always soft but it seems to have fallen softer. and the front mode dial that mostly functioned now does not work at all. this dial is not a big deal as there is mode selector button that moves the function I want to change to a different dial. and while this fixes the problem it is a think about it fix the problem.

I did not pay a lot for it. I can look it up but I think it was under a 1oo bucks. the idea was find a WIDE and bright lens with some automation supporting a long shutter. any of the old Canon S100 series cameras will do the job of capturing night sky in a casual way just fine. as long as the focus is not so soft.

anyway, after seeing what the Nikon 300 did it sealed the fate of S95. I just wish the Nikon had more in the repeating pictures mode. maybe it does and I’m just not seeing that mode… BRB RTFMing again.

so long camera. it was fun.