[rant] QuickTime X officially ated my show. and I’m reverting to other tools from here on. Apple frigtards don’t get a second chance on this one. I’m livid about this loss. it is no small bug. because it’s beyond just some crashing problem that has to get solved. I have planning, travel, costs, guests, and lots of time wasted. but worse in not getting the performance.

generally I’d be all about finding what the problem, solution and resolution is to fix whatever happened. but here’s the thing. I’m not going to waste that time. instead I’m going to find another solution. this bug is like something we’d put up with 10 years ago. but this is OLD code. capturing audio is something we’ve been doing for 20 years now. that’s 26,280,000 seconds. or 175,200 hours. or 21,900 work-days. get it? [I]this should not be a problem[/I]. not now in 2009 now almost 10.

I will not scorch earth and flatly say that you should never ever never use OS X 10.6 in production but I will tell you that I’m not going to from here on. not after losing a show I’m not. instead I’ll revert back to 10.5.6 and work there.

the prior state of things was that QuickTime Pro could reliably record audio for hours. there was never an issue in three years of using the tool for this task. even across upgrades and updates it never came up as a question that QT was somehow less reliable. my thinking was not wanting to run “a whole editor” to do capturing. take a big footprint and make it smaller seemed to the best possible practice.

in all the years of using QT Audio Capture there were things that I just didn’t like. setting levels is for the birds. you have to use the System Preferences to get to dialed in. which makes it seem less professional. and the default capture states always have to be checked to make sure they don’t revert. I have longed for a better system that didn’t require a long check list but it’s the devil you know or at least thought you knew.


following up on my own rant I have to say that I’ve been incredibly lucky with what I have lost because of problems. in most studios the engineer will have some other kind of recorder recording a backup. that way all is not lost. I have a way to make that happen. and I guess from here on I’ll roll that backup. the mixer will certainly allow that to happen. it’s just one more thing.

my setup is not ideal. I don’t have a way for ME to see the board or recording devices while recording. I shouldn’t have to after the sound check though so I can pay attention to my show not my gear. one thing that will go far to fix this is to finish the full screen Level EQ and Timer. this way I could use that thing to VNC into the screen OR I could bolt a screen into the table. either is fine with me.

finally, I am at the point where I’m less interested in doing post production. my shows in 2010 will be supported by a “cart system” so I can drop in intro, extro, SFX and commercials during recording. or at least have better way to mark drop ins without having to find the section, break it, insert, etc. that means I’m thinking live even if I’m not.