I’ve come up with yet another business idea. What else is new, right? Coming up with the next big thing is something that I’ve done again and again. Sometimes I act on these ideas but more often then not there is some fatal flaw that kills the whole deal.

This time the fatal flaw isn’t the technology. With some emails I can have a working prototype in a few days. In silicon valley tech talent is every where. Ready to go. I’m not lacking contacts to money. The last failed venture introduced me to lots of people with money. And I have contacts unused. Pocketed for the rainy day when something like this newest idea steps forward.

No, this idea doesn’t lack money or talent. What this “play” is going to need is business talent. Because ultimately it’s about business deals. While this seems to me to be a fatal flaw on the surface because I don’t “know” business people, it turns out that there are more ready people then there are tech people. Come to think of it it I know some people. The business part is not the problem.

The fatal flaw are the ridiculous numbers. It starts off with an audience of “millions” growing into bigger “millions.” Which overlaps onto to other markets where there are other “millions” numbers for visits and time. Now think “non-obvisous” and you get another ridiculous set of “millions” numbers. It’s this very thing that makes it seem unreal.

Part two fatal flaw is the “potential.” As there are 4 or 5 obvious markets to chase you either chase them all at the same time or chase one ignoring the others. Or do you set up 5 different companies all chasing specific markets using the same technology.

In the end maybe it’s just another “service” company that ends up going no where. Bummer.

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