The DJ is dead, long live the DJ. Actually, the DJ that actually knows a ton about the music they spun is rare bird these days. Even more dead is the “helpful music store clerk” like those guys found running the store in “High Fidelity.” Not that they’d ever be helpful to anyone other then themselves. Besides, I was always indimidated by them to the point of not buying music. I’m sure there are one or two DJ/record store geeks left. You can find them to be sure, but maybe it’s not worth the look. I mean, why bother when you can get a free roboto to do the job. The theory is if you like this, then you’ll like that. I’m guessing you’ll end up with a collection that sounds like Jack Johnson or Aerosmith or Dave all day and all night based on your initial collection. What would be cool is if it helped you make “the leap” once in a while. You know, when someone says, dude, you should really listen to this, dude!

Anyway, click here to hire your DJ roboto.