what did I mean when I posted “spoilers…” on Twitter? the newest episode of Doctor Who ends with that word. what I just watched was the most exciting episode of this series known as season 4. there is death, it’s scary in way and there are things that we don’t know as viewers. like a companion from the future who has a diary of her adventures that has rules about the Doctor viewing it.

from a film making point of view it’s very clever. the stacks of books set can get reused many different ways just by lighting the back glow from behind using different colors. it’s a convincing way to get to different parts of the library in a believable way.

and then there is the monster! it is one that is unseen except for it’s shadow. no props or CGI it’s just a light. or lack there of. with no monster in the budget the plates for the Library Planet become stunning. sure, it looks a little Coruscant or Trantor. it’s still a fine example of a matte painting.

the “girl who’s Library it is” is an amazing story element. she is convinced that she is imagining the whole thing. she draws her imagined library. she hears and sees things that other people around her can’t making her concerned father bring in professional help who explains that all is not what it is.

it is a bit odd to think that the Tardis could actually materialize in a somebody’s conscience. but then again I sometimes feel that the show just appears in my “in box” as if I’ve just imagined it.

Donna: “Isn’t travelling with you one big spoiler?”?Doctor: “I try to keep you away from major plot developments. Which to be honest, I seem to be very bad at.”

spoilers … even though I twittered I didn’t give anything away. except maybe my excitement. hope you find it before next week. I can’t wait!