Right. I read some life manifesto somewhere and found it, well, not me. So I decided to take 15 minutes to jot down some things that I’ve said to people over the years.

1. Don’t fall in love. Falling in love means you can’t see the forest or the trees. All it’s faults will escape you. You won’t listen to anyone not matter how bad it is. “No, no,” you’ll say, “this is the one!”

2. Ideas are worth twenty five cents. I can come up with hundreds of ideas a day. But unless I act on them they aren’t worth any more than that. If you happen to act on something I came up with you need to give me my quarter.

3. Say no. If they really want it bad enough you’ll get paid to change your answer to “okay, yea, I can do that.” Otherwise you get to work all weekend for free.

4. Saying “that’s easy!” is not allowed.

5. Question everything.

6. Good, fast, or cheap. Forget picking two. Pick one.

7. Sketch, doodle, draw. On paper. Get away from the computer.

8. Always carry a pen and paper.

9. A contract won’t protect you from an asshole.

10. Don’t tell them when you are going to leave. Tell them when to show up.

When we were sailboat racing we had to leave at a specific time to make the starting line. So we’d say, “we have to leave at 8:15.” Everyone would show up at 8:30 or later and we’d just make the start because we had to wait to leave. Then we got smart. We’d say, be at the boat at 7:45, if you’re late we’re going to leave you on the dock.” One by one the crew would come down the ramp. Some right on time and others right as the boat was ready to leave.

11. Sleep. Eat. Act. Also known as “Stop, look, shift, play.”

12. Know your town so when guests arrive you can show or advise them what to see and do.

13. Watch baseball.

14. If you get stuck on a problem make a drive to Fry’s. Don’t take your cellphone. Just listen to music and drive. Somewhere between here and Fry’s and here you’ll solve the problem.

15. Long weekend away.

16. Read all the time.

17. It’s a hardware problem. Really.

18. Keep the gas tank full. Fill up the night before. That way, when you are in a hurry you won’t have to stop for fuel.

19. Know where the Radio Shack, hardware store, lumber yard, pro video/audio, breakfast and pizza places are located and when they open and close.

20. Super glue.

21. Give into the nap.

22. If you don’t have a favorite chef, you need to get one.

23. Learn something new everyday. Then teach it back to someone.

24. Take stuff apart. When the old VCR/DVD/CDR/WHTVR breaks, replace it with something newer/better then dissect the old device with the intent of making it work again.

25. Repurpose old stuff. Okay, an example. I wanted a better alarm clock so I wrote one and ran it on a Quadra 605.

26. Don’t wear a watch.

27. If you are late, don’t apologies. Every excuse is lame. As the premise is, “the show must go on.”

28. Learn to “work” a room. If you go to a party try to talk to everyone and not just the people you know.

29. Everyone person you meet is an opertunity. Always have business cards.

30. Be prepared to pay.

31. Learn how to learn.

32. Don’t be average. Anyone can be average. Be better at what you do then anyone else. Or don’t do it.

33. Get rid of old stuff. Computers, cameras, paper, books, tapes, CDs, DVDs. If you aren’t using it don’t keep it. In other words, de-clutter.

34. Put art on your walls. Not posters. Art.

35. Get a new keyboard and mouse once a year. This is the interface to your computer. New keys will make it seem like a new computer.

36. Don’t eat lunch at your desk.

37. Turn off the TV.

38. Remember the roses.

39. Call in well.

40. The story of “rocking later” is goes here.

41. When in Rome.

42. Only solutions.

43. “Wow, you’re really working hard today!?” “Yep, that’s what I’m being paid to do…”

44. Bail.

45. Make your own Manifesto list.

46. Is it plugged in?

47. Can you save the day?