TSA Form

I don’t get it. Why do I have to prove that I’m a citizen? A normal person just trying to get from here to there. To make some money so it can get ripped off by the feds so they can blow up crap around the world in the name of nineleven. I am not the enemy. Not of the state or the nation. I guess this is part of a bigger plan that I don’t understand nor want to take part of.

As part of the security administered at airports, TSA prepares and maintains watch lists of persons who are known to pose, or are suspected of posing, a threat to civil aviation or national security. TSA recognizes that some people have been subjected to frustrating delays at airports as a result of being mistaken for an individual who, in fact, is on a watch list. We regret this inconvenience and have developed a procedure to expedite the check-in and screening process for individuals who repeatedly experience delays.

But if I am a threat to my country please, somebody, come and knock on the door with the intent of explaining to me why. Is it my words? Is it the sarcasm? Is it that I think that it’s complete bull shit? Maybe it’s because of my constant rant about how the left coast should seperate from the right coast? Whatever it is, lets get it settled.

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