have you seen a MacBook Air? held one in your hands? typed on it’s keyboard? you haven’t yet I be. it’s a thing of beauty and an example of remarkable engineering. it’s also a mind blow because it’s the shape of things to come. it takes the notion of what a notebook computer is redefining what should become the norm. I say all this because I’m about to go back to working on a desktop Mac for my full time computer. I got the idea when of switching back when I was forced to. the MacBook Pro went back to Apple for a refit as it issues: it stopped burning DVDs, there was dirt in the screen, and a loud fan was annoying.

while I was at Apple I had to spend 20 minutes with an Air. I have to say that I really want one. which is odd because I haven’t had computer lust in a long time. not since the Mac’s got Intelified two years ago. and even then I didn’t bite for 6 months.

wanting and having the cash to pay for one are two different things. most of my money is tied up in microphones (cue Jake saying “I can see that”) these days and paying for a war I find unjust. so a searched about for a while and found a way that just might win me my own. you see, all I have to do is link to the Upstart Blogger web site, leave a comment on said site and hopefully the wonder in a envelope will find is way to me.

oh and the planet may get a new look. if you like the images at the top have a good one last gander.