below is a link to animation of Zarya aka @Space_Station flying under Jupiter & over San Francisco Bay.

this sequence was shot with a Panasonic LX5. shutter set for 15 seconds with the lens wide and open all the way. this camera has baffled me in the Ui department. nothing makes sense. there does not seem to a THiS button to change a setting. I kinda figured out the shutter/aperture (press the wheel as it is also a button) but that wheel button does not button for everything. also missing from the LX3 and 5 is a continuous mode or a “take 10 snaps then stop” like the Canon.

tonight the LX3 failed to focus. which is the first time I have had trouble with the camera on a mission. all the snaps were blurred out. maybe I will show them sometime as a “check your settings” goof.
anyway… it’s a good idea to have at least 2 cameras when you got out for these events. there is not a lot of time to fix something when the fly over starts. at some point you get what you get. and if you do not there is always another fly over.

click to see the animation: